Troubles With Whiplash?know All About It Right Here!


Many live in a half-truth that whiplash only occurs to those who have been a car accident. But off-course, this is not the complete picture!

WHIPLASH can also occur due to specific health issues and even from participating in your daily chores and activities. Here’s a post which presents a clear understanding of Whiplash, how it occurs, and how to take care of it.

Let’s Begin With What WHIPLASH Exactly Entails:-

Most Whiplash injuries- also referred to as Hyper-extension injuries occur in the neck muscles. And as per the Australian Chiropractors Association-

Whiplash injuries entail the neck muscles have been pulled and pushed beyond its usual range of motion. This typically happens when the body moves forward, whereas the head doesn’t.

The pressure exerted on the neck muscle makes it snap forward, thus straining the ligaments and muscles that lie there. And with time and more exertion of pressure, it causes headaches, stiffness aches and maneuverability issues.

How WHIPLASH Occurs?

As stated above, such injuries don’t only result due to car accidents. There are other weird ways to get it. Read on.

As per Jamie Ann Batista- who offers chiropractic consultation states clearly:-

“Getting such injuries when engaging in football, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, driving and even horseback riding is a common occurrence. And the worst part of it is that when playing you may not even realise it before it gets too late.”

She further opines:-

“ Other activities such as doing head-bangers, the urge to wail on the air guitar or any act of ballroom dancing or break dancing can bring about Whiplash injuries.

Other regular activities that may result in such injuries include slipping, falling or even tripping awkwardly.

Don’t believe this- remember the last time you did not notice the curb and slipped- you must have experienced a funny sensation in your neck area afterwards. Well, that’s it!

The same logic can be applied when taking theme park rides. They may seem exciting, but its jerks at high speed can always trigger Whiplash injuries.”

How To Treat This Injury?

There is no age-specification for a Whiplash injury to take place as it can happen to anyone. At first, it may not see a big deal, but there always are. And their symptoms can debilitate from your neck stiffness to the shoulder, head, and even ache in your jaw portion.

Perhaps the best answer to treating this injury is to schedule an appointment with a notable and experienced Chiropractic care practitioner serving Melbourne. She/he will come up with a tailored treatment plan and ensure the pain vanishes.


Why Should You Go for a Winter Facial Treatment?


The winter is here in Australia, and therefore, you should get started taking some extra care of your skin that you have not taken so far. The moisture of your skin will go away in no time, and it’s enough to leave your skin scaly, sallow and irritated.

For restoring your skin at this season, you need proper planning including exfoliation and deep cleansing of the skin. Opting for facial will not only help in bringing back the lost moisture in your skin but at the same time give your skin the required hydration.

Here are some compelling reasons you cannot simply overlook.

  • Exfoliating the Skin

Skin exfoliation is the most crucial part of facial. Winter means you will have dead skin cells all over your face that will not only make the skin texture rough but also make the pores clogged. During your sessions of organic facials in Melbourne, you can be sure of the fact that all the dead skin cells will be removed. The peels used in this process are considered to be an ideal solution for exfoliating your skin.

  • Cleansing the Skin

The next step is, of course, deep cleansing. In this process, the dead skin cells accumulated inside the pores will be removed. The cleansing process, of course, helps you to deal with the problems of breakouts, fine lines and dehydration. The specialists use steam, extraction as well as facial massage for deep cleansing the skin.

  • Moisturising the Skin

It’s important to soothe your skin with proper moisturisation. After the cleansing process is over, the next step is moisturising the skin, whereas the exfoliation and deep cleansing clean up the pores from dirt. Moisturisation, with the help of cream massage as the final touch, will keep your skin fresh and renew the facial skin cell growth.

Aftercare of Facial Treatment on Skin

Your skin will not remain rejuvenated and fresh for long if you don’t follow the basic aftercare rules for facial skin treatment. Some simple aftercare tips in winter to be followed include –

  • Applying oil-based moisturising cream instead of the water-based creams for locking the natural moisture of your face is an ideal step. Make sure that the cream you are going to choose does not end up clogging your skin pores so that it cannot even breathe.
  • Don’t go by any misconception that tells you that there is no need for using sunscreen other than the warm weather. However, the experts associated with organic spa in Melbourne always suggest using the sunblock SPF 15 throughout the year, even during the winter for optimum protection.

So, now you can see the benefits of winter facial more clearly. Choose the right place and experienced professionals to revive your skin texture this season with deluxe facial treatment.


Show your Love to your Mum this Mothers’ Day by Booking an Anti-ageing Treatment

Anti-ageing Treatment _ Amara Wellness Centre

Mother’s day is just around the corner. It’s on 12 May 2019. Just a few days left and you must have already started your plan for a perfect gift to give to your mum on that particular day. Well, it’s all about making your mother feel special and blessed to have children who care.

If you stay out of the town for work and come down to your parents’ place on that day, you don’t need to feel sad about it as you can arrange for some unusual gifts that your mum would be thrilled to get.

Why will you choose materialistic gifts when there are so many other options available. How about pampering your mother with an anti-ageing treatment this mother’s day and make her feel young once again.

So, what are your options? Let’s focus on the best anti-ageing treatments out there.


LED Phototherapy Treatment

This particular treatment is a popular choice as a mother’s day gift as it takes less time for a session and it is within budget limit too. The LED Phototherapy treatments is a non-invasive treatment where the deep layers of your skin are being penetrated with light. It activates and stimulates cellular activities too.

This treatment helps in rejuvenating the complexion, firming, toning, stimulating the collagen. It also helps in treating acne and problematic skin types. Your mum will love to get this treatment that makes feel young from within.

Time: Around 20-30 minutes

Price: Around $140-$150

Organic Age Defying Facials

The advanced age-defying facial session is also another fantastic gift for your mum on this Mothers’ day. The organic facials in Melbourne aim to work in the synergy with your body. It optimises the skin’s ability to repair the damaged skin cells and refine them.

It is basically considered as the add-on with LED therapy and Endermolift treatment. There are various types of facials available for women who are searching for beating the ageing issues and get glowing skin healthy again. You can check out the rejuvenating, hydrating, purifying facial ranges and opt for the most preferred one.

Even if your mum has a sensitive skin issue, there are special facials for the skin type as well.

Time: 30-40 Minutes

Price: $140 – $450

So, your search for the best mother’s day special gift ideas in Melbourne ends here. Find the best skin treatment specialist near you and save the booking for turning the day truly special for your mother.


Taking Hammam Spa Treatment for the First Time? Things You Should Expect!


If you are planning to visit a Hammam spa for the first time, you might feel a bit jittery. It is quite obvious, as you might be asked to do things that you will be doing for the first time.

However, believe me, the spas that offer Turkish massage treatments would give you some really ecstatic moments, which will help you rejuvenate your mind body and spirit.

Here are the steps that will help you get familiar with the process.

Getting Prepared…

At first, you need to get prepared for the sessions. You can either undress completely or can stick to minimal clothing. While women have these two options, men must have their bottoms on.

An underwear or a bathing costume will be enough. You can even wear a disposable underwear before taking the massage.

Once you are properly dressed, you need to put a robe on as you meet the hammam expert who will be conducting the treatment.

Relaxing before the real thing…

The proper hammam spa treatment session generally starts with a 5-minute long relaxing session. The expert will take the robe off and usher you into a steamy, hot room, where you will not be able to see anything properly. This is where you just sit back and relax for about 5 minutes. All the steam of the room will open the pores of your skin, and you will be asked to take some deep breaths. As you start taking the breaths, it will help you get rid of all the stress and strain, and you start feeling relaxed.

Soaping up…

Once the relaxing period of 5 minutes or so is over, it is time to soap up. The attendant will start soaping up with the thick black traditional Moroccan soap. It might look like crude oil or molasses, but relax – it will feel great once it is applied to your skin!

With the soap on, you then stand up, sit and even turn around as your entire body is covered with the soap, including your face, feet, legs and back.

Hot rinsing..

Now the soap will be rinsed out of your body by hot water. The water will be pretty hot, but fret not! It will not burn you! On the contrary, you will feel relaxed and comforting.

Rough Scrubbing…

Once all the soap is gone, it’s time to start exfoliation. The process involves scrubbing of your skin with the help of a pair of sandpaper-like gloves that the attendant users.

Finally, you can opt for another highlight of the Turkish spa treatmentswashing the hair.

So that ends the session of the Moroccan spa treatment. To have it done perfectly, get in touch with a reputed spa that offers this treatment. It will give you a clear notion of the entire process before you take it up.


Why Repute of the Wellness Expert Matters While Going for Facials?


Days have changed, and so have the choices of people. While even a couple of decades back you would find only those in the world of fashion and showbiz dealing with issues like facial and skin care treatment, while the common mass being content with the low key OTC treatments, things have changed drastically.

Today, you will find your next door neighbour turning to the wellness experts to make sure she looks at her best when she is out for a jogging stint on weekends.  So that’s a perfect reflection of the changing tastes of the common mass. Hence, if you join the league of these people, you have taken the right decision.

Here is where you need to be cautious about. You need to be sure about the experience and the reputation of the professional whom you visit for your facial. This is utterly important. Here is a brief account of- why it is so!

To start with, in case you are at the pair of hands that is not very expert, it will result in some deviation from normalcy. Here they are.

The texture -what is normal and what is not!

What is Normal: Depending on the different types of facials conducted in Melbourne clinics, the outcomes differ. While some of these processes relax the skin, some others might give that stimulation to drive in the desired results. Naturally, the more the facial skin is stimulated with the help of extractions and various types of exfoliation and skin care agents, the more the skin is likely to turn a little pinkish or red, which ideally subsides within an hour or so. Hence, there is nothing to be worried about.

When the alarm bell should start ringing: YES!! This is a million dollar question! When should you start worrying? Simple! When the redness crosses the benchmark of ‘mildness’ and becomes extreme and persists for long, and when a burning and stinging sensation accompany it, it is the time for you to press the panic button. Now the extent of suffering varies with the type of facial conducted and the extent of deviation from the correct procedure. 

Bleeding- when it is normal and when it is not

What is normal: Every type o facial is associated with a little bit of bleeding, but only just! This is absolutely fine – more so when the wellness expert of the Melbourne clinic you visit perform extraction on the stubborn pimples or clogs. Now the way your skin reacts to it again depends upon its type and the kind of extraction that is being carried out.

When to think ‘otherwise’: As per the experts, you should not be bleeding or should not have welts as you make your way out of the clinic, well after it is done with. If so, then the aesthetician was not particularly perfect in carrying out the facial.

Well, these are the two most common issues that result due to a deviation from the normalcy when performing facial. Feeling sceptical? Oh! Come on! These may happen only when you do not visit a quality facial expert. That is the reason you need to pick up from the bests in the business. It will yield the best results for you!


Healthy Body & Soul Festival Is Here! Know How to Make the Most of It

Well, before doing something, knowing about it helps a lot for making the best outcomes in getting the most of it.

The case is quite simple: Know beforehand to make a thing the most productive.

Let’s get to the main point. It is time for all your wellness and health freaks to get some practical and exploratory exercise in a grand event happening at the heart of Brunswick. Don’t hurry though and read along first to know something about it and a few points, which you have to keep in mind to get everything it has got to offer you.

A Brunswick Event 2018: A ‘Healthy’ Discovery with the Healthy Body & Soul Festival

On the land Brunswick, one would witness the happening of an illuminating event on health and well-being – a completely different and advanced agenda for rekindling modern age war heroes (us) – accumulating both practical and theoretical aspects of healthcare in active expression.

health and body festival

The said festival is considered to be a boutique event with professionals’ presence amalgamating new ideas; healthcare solutions with improving inclinations and qualified magnitudes of relaxation measures targeted for both physical and mental comfort and healing.

What’s Happening?

Well, the most renowned and experienced professionals are coming to facilitate the event with their qualified expertise and commendable skills. Advising sessions and lectures will be there to make it an interactive success. Professionals include exhibitor; therapists, psychics and many more.

Sessions on meditations and exercises with qualified trainers would amaze you with their innovative colour.

How Would You Get It?

Tickets are out there for free and are available online. But the limit is set to 1 per e-mail ID. Apart from that, you will have to pay $5 for each event.

Why Would You be Benefitted?

The fact is that a festival is mainly made or meant for only you will be benefitted. Here’s why:

  • Great things wait for you. You are made into a part of the interactive event where you can ask questions to a trainer or a professional like a wellness expert from Melbourne as the staff is there to facilitate you. Do not hesitate to challenge them with creative and generative ideas.
  • You are greeted with the cultivation of new thoughts or concepts that becomes a superior health benefit in the later time.
  • You get to meet new people familiarising with you for one purpose only and that is well-being. In this way, you are going to bring more out of a festive setting by cooperation.
  • You would also be allowed to listen to lectures by eminent health care professionals opening a new door for striking conceptions.

Time to Wrap Up

Well, before closing the chapter, it should be recommended that you will need some peace of mind. Don’t be too much excited to do it in frenzy.

The event is to soothe you; to relax you and to comfort you and not to aggravate you, right!